> Nina Lauder will be one of the monthly contributors to the Bilingual Education Blog. Nina has been teaching English all over the world to all age groups. She also worked in a bilingual school, developing her own teaching materials. Currently, she works as a CLIL consultant for different publishers and organisations and gives teacher training sessions at conferences all over Spain. Nina is also the author of a resource book for Primary Bilingual schools.

> Laura Parra is the editor who coordinated the edition of My World, the Edelvives series created specifically for teaching Science and Environment in Bilingual Schools in Spain.

We asked Laura to tell us something more about the work of an editor and her personal experience of working on a bilingual project.

> Steve Darn has lived and taught in Turkey for over 20 years, in the high school, private language school and university sectors. He was formerly the Director of the British Council Teachers’ Centre in Izmir, and currently works as a freelance trainer and consultant. He also trains teachers and trainers for the British Council in Turkey and other countries and is a tutor and assessor for Cambridge ESOL Teaching Awards. He is a regular contributor to a number of ELT magazines.

> Patti Trimborn is from Houston, Texas. She studied Elementary and Special Education at Boston University, and has a Masters in Dificultades de Aprendizaje.  She has lived in Spain for sixteen years, where she has taught English and CLIL subjects to children in bilingual and international primary schools in Seville and Madrid. She has worked as teacher trainer in Spain and in the UK for the past three years. If you would like to get in touch with Patti directly, her e-mail is: trimborn.educa@gmail.com

> Adriana Arreaga Murillo was raised in Canada but has been living in Spain for the past seven years, working as a language assistant in Andalusia and in Catalonia. In the future, Adriana would like to become involved in teacher training schemes and materials development. We have asked her some questions about her experience in bilingual programmes in Spain and the challenges she feels teachers face.If you would like to get in touch with Adriana directly, her e-mail is: adriana_arreaga@yahoo.com

> Manuel Higueras Soler is an English teacher and musician. He has recently composed and performed the songs and chants that accompany the Bilingual Teaching project P.E. World, designed to teach Physical Education in English to First Cycle Primary children.


> Estela Celador Pérez is an English and a Physical Education teacher. She teaches P.E. and other CLIL subjects to children in a bilingual school in Zamora. She also cooperates with the Junta of Castilla y León on a workshop for the creation of new interactive resources for Primary Education. She is one of the coauthors of the P.E. Bilingual Teaching project P.E. World, designed to teach Physical Education in English to First Cycle Primary children.

> Axier Pérez Prieto became and English and a Physical Education teacher after finishing his experience as a professional cyclist. He is currently working in a bilingual school and studying special Education at the University of Salamanca. He is one of the coauthors of the Bilingual Teaching project P.E. World, designed to teach Physical Education in English to First Cycle Primary.

> María Jesús Rodríguez Arenas lives and works in Cartagena, Murcia (Spain). She studied Elementary and TEFL at Murcia University. She has been training teachers in some Teachers & Resources Centres (CPR) in Spain, and she also worked for years as creator of interactive resources for Primary Education (especially, for English and Special Needs teaching), both is a freelance capacity and working in a publishing company.

For the past three years, she has cooperated on the 'Internet en el Aula' project, developed by Red.es and the Ministry of Education. At the first stage, she was coordinating the English Area for Primary in its First Virtual Congress. After this, she became a regular editor for two years for the project's blog, Educ@conTIC, the second stage of this project.

Currently she is teaching English in Pre-Primary and Primary, in a semiprivate school and coordinating a bilingual experience in First Cycle of Primary that involves Science, Art, PE and Music.

Bilingual learning

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