A handy manual

written by a group of people

actively involved in Bilingual Education:

teachers, teacher trainers, textbook authors,

editors and university lecturers.


Different voices, different experiences,

one common goal:

to inspire you and support your work

in bilingual classrooms.


 This manual is not for sale. It was created by Edelvives Bilingual Learning (2009) with a specific purpose of providing a practical support to CLIL teachers. You can get your free print copy by contacting one of our representatives in your town or read the contents on-line.

Please, choose the topic of your interest:

> Classroom language in CLIL (version in pdf)

> Useful classroom expressions (version in pdf)

> Co-operative learning in the CLIL classroom (version in pdf)

> K-W-L charts (version in pdf)

> Brainstorming (version in pdf)

> Graphic organisers (version in pdf)

> Teaching Science and Literacy (version in pdf)

> Can you write it down, please? (version in pdf)

> Zero preparation, fun revision (version in pdf)

> The essential language of Arts and Crafts (version in pdf)

> Phonics and Literacy through Arts and Crafts (version in pdf)

> Using Music and Drama in Arts and Crafts (version in pdf)


Bilingual learning

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